God places a unique picture of His amazing plan in each one of us.  Our passion and mission is to discover and develop that vision.

The Twenty:Twenty team will encourage, empower, and challenge each planter to fully explore their calling and mission.


Equipping the next generation of church planters means sharing the principals and practices of effective church multiplication techniques.

As a part of the Twenty:Twenty Initiative, you will participate in Bootcamps that access the best strategies that help church plants to succeed.


Personal relationships – individuals deeply invested in the success of the vision – are key to effective planting.

You will receive personal, one-on-one coaching as a part of the Initiative to help avoid early mistakes.  Our mission is to maximize the potential of each planting effort.


Planning – timeline, team building, campus location, etc. – is essential for an effective launch.  There’s no replacement for collective decades of experience.

The Twenty:Twenty team’s passion is to invest our experience in the next generation of churches.  We exist as an Initiative to share and sow that experience into the next generation.


The goal of an effective Assessment process is discovery – discovering your unique strengths as well as needs.  Assessment is crucial for planning the team a church planter should surround themselves with.

A group of experienced, seasoned leaders will invest in you. The assessment process is key for prospective planters to move forward into their God-given vision with the highest potential for success.


Few things are more encouraging than walking with partners who are invested in bringing the Kingdom alongside you.

In the Twenty:Twenty Initiative, you are a part of a family.  A family on fire to see God’s throne established on the earth in our generation.  Consider this your invitation to connect with a like-minded group of multiplying  church planters.