Salt and Light Church launched on the Beach!

On Sunday, April 7, 2019 the newest ERC church launched on Ormond Beach, Florida. Pastor Pam Jordan and her husband Lloyd were given a vision 21 years ago to plant a church on the beach. These past two decades they have been preparing themselves to do this and now the time has come. They invested [...]

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Salt and Light Church launches in Ormond Beach, Florida! Let’s pray for them!

Sunday, April 7, 2019 marks the launch day for the ERC's newest church, Salt and Light Church in Ormond Beach, Florida. Pastor Pam Jordan has had a dream for the last 21 years. And for the last 9 months, she and her team have been planning, gathering, ordering, praying, fasting, studying, researching, training, and anticipating. [...]

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Time to Multiply. Time to Think Kingdom.

In 2016 Antoine & Tonia Lassiter and the Think Kingdom team built relationships and grew as disciples in small groups, expanded community involvement through helping build Habitat for Humanity houses and other projects serving others, and launching worship experiences on September 25 in Concord, North Carolina. Meanwhile, Think Kingdom Atlanta and Think Kingdom Austin were [...]

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Tearing Down Walls at The Bridge of Hope Church

A lot has been happening in Womelsdorf, PA (located between Lebanon and Reading) in just over a year and a half since the launch of The Bridge of Hope Church led by Larry and Trish Longenecker. Along with their great team they have been reaching out to the community and discipling followers of Jesus. [...]

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York PA City Church partners with Charlotte NC City Church!

West Poplar Street Church of God in York, PA has partnered with House of Restoration Church in Charlotte, NC. We are better together and the new partnership between the West Poplar Street Church of God in York, PA and House of Restoration Church in Charlotte, NC is a great example of this. Pastor Mary Houston [...]

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At Easter an Egg is more than just an egg!

How are you serving others as you prepare for Resurrection Sunday? In Charlotte, NC, Pastor Mary Houston with House of Restoration Church went door-to-door giving away treats, Easter Eggs, and praying with people on Palm Sunday weekend. On Easter, after their Resurrection service, they will go downtown to feed the homeless. In Womelsdorf, PA, Pastor [...]

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Don’t just sit there. Get up and go!

Life, like laughter, was always meant to spread. Humanity was meant to multiply across the earth. No one person could populate the earth just by them having children. Their children would need to have children who had children who had get the idea! Yet when it comes to church life too often we want [...]

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Church Planting Runs On Prayers

The Twenty:Twenty Initiative asks you to pray for our Church Planters. They need it, now and always. Though we often think in terms of resources, skills, plans, and training, church planting doesn't run on those. Church planting runs on prayers - yours, mine, and theirs. Here are some key areas that guide the prayers of [...]

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The Season for Rural Church Planting is Here!

The Twenty:Twenty Initiative is excited to be planting new churches in rural areas including small towns! Larry and Trish Longenecker planted The Bridge of Hope Church last fall in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania and they are reaching out to children and families with groups and events and Bible studies. This winter April and Angel Ocasio are planting [...]

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Uplift Community Church of God

It is exciting to announce that Uplift Community Church of God will be coming to Halifax, Pennsylvania in early 2017. The church will be led by Pastor/Planter April Ocasio along with her husband Angel. They are developing a launch team and planning many events and other ways of reaching out to the community to build [...]

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