Sunday, April 7, 2019 marks the launch day for the ERC’s newest church, Salt and Light Church in Ormond Beach, Florida. Pastor Pam Jordan has had a dream for the last 21 years. And for the last 9 months, she and her team have been planning, gathering, ordering, praying, fasting, studying, researching, training, and anticipating.

They are meeting on the beach at 8AM at Al Weeks North Shore Park in Ormond Beach, Florida beginning Sunday, April 7. They have beach chairs, coffee, donuts, water and the beautiful ocean and sand as a backdrop for all to come and worship our King of Kings, hear a message, be prayed for, and fellowship with opportunities to connect, make new friends and be a part of sharing the love of Christ with the community.

Salt and Light Church welcomes especially those who don’t want to go to a traditional church service or don’t want to dress up. On the beach, you don’t even need to wear shoes!