REGISTER for this 4th annual Summit! Lots to learn and friends to meet!

Saturday, February 23

Mt. Holly Springs Church of God

9 to 2:45 P.M.

$25 per person (includes lunch). REGISTER HERE

12 great workshops to chose from

A special intensive on worship technology and how you can have great worship without a band, a technical genius, or dynamic worship leader!


  • Leadership for a Great Commission Church  –  Steve Dunn

How to be a leader in creating a church that will go and make disciples.

  • Turning Your Church into a Training Ground –  Diane Hakes

Through Gospel-Centered Life Design, Diane will share tools and techniques on how to launch people into their specific calling and mission.

  • Pokemon and the Gospel  –  Antoine Lassiter

A shared experience like, Pokemon, can be a great way to move beyond the walls to go and make disciples. Antoine will explain how this can be a great evangelism tool.

  • No Excuses: An Easy Discipleship Tool Anyone Can Use  –  Gilbert Thurston

Many people are afraid to disciple someone else because they simply don’t know how. Gilbert will show you a tool that will help you to do it that is easy and free!

  • Forging the Pathway to New Ministries  –  Victor Glover

Following God and trusting His pathway is not always easy, but when you do the results are amazing! Victor will share how following God to forge new pathways has yielded far more than he could ask or imagine. 

  • Every Church Can Multiply. Really? –  Mike Schooley and Chuck Frank

It is true, every church can multiply? Mike and Chuck will share how and provide steps that can help you to do it too.

  • Evangelism through Outreach  –  April Ocasio

April will share ideas on how to evangelize through outreach with practical ideas and steps to follow.

  • Tech and the 21st Century Part 1-  Everett Spencer

In this is a two-part workshop, Everett will share his knowledge of technology and how to create a great worship experience.

  • Leadership and Evangelism  –  Steve Dunn
  • Living Sent  –  Diane Hakes

Knowing your calling is one thing, understanding the people and places within that calling is another thing. Diane will walk you through how to discover your X-Factor as everyday missionaries, so you can easily share this with others.

  • Starting a Multiplication Movement –  Mike Schooley and Chuck Frank

How to start a movement to multiply disciples, every day missionaries, ministries, and churches. 

  • Tech and the 21st Century Part 2–  Everett Spencer 

Part 2: Practical ideas and steps towards setting up a great worship experience.