A lot has been happening in Womelsdorf, PA (located between Lebanon and Reading) in just over a year and a half since the launch of The Bridge of Hope Church led by Larry and Trish Longenecker. Along with their great team they have been reaching out to the community and discipling followers of Jesus.

Larry and Trish Longenecker

The church began with block parties and other ways of connecting with people and then launched in a Fitness Center. From there they moved across the parking lot and rented a 24/7 space that had been a consignment shop. It was renovated into a worship space, cafe area, children’s area, nursery, and three restrooms. More and more people began to attend so that last month on Easter they had to have two worship services since Larry knew it wouldn’t be able to accommodate everyone who would come that day. The Easter Egg Hunt they had again this year for the community was well attended and contacts made.

The Bridge of Hope Team serving at the Easter Egg Hunt

Wanting to be able to serve more people, the people of the church decided to tear out a wall while Larry and Trish were on vacation not long after Easter to make the worship area larger. It had been talked about before that but that was when it was decided to do it so when they returned from vacation the wall was gone. And yes, it meant a whole lot of work had to be quickly done to have the area set up, sound and video ready to go, and also a children’s area ready for that Sunday. The expanded area had been a nice size children’s area so for now the children get to have a Summer Children’s area outside, or in a local mattress store in rainy weather.

The Bridge of Hope at Worship – upper right side is the wall to the Children’s Class Room


The Bridge of Hope at Worship – upper right side is the expanded area

Growth always brings more details to be done and tearing down walls is a continual work in progress. The team at The Bridge of Hope is all about reaching the lost, serving the community, and developing leaders, disciples, and sending out people to start new churches.