Life, like laughter, was always meant to spread. Humanity was meant to multiply across the earth. No one person could populate the earth just by them having children. Their children would need to have children who had children who had children…you get the idea!

Yet when it comes to church life too often we want to keep the life, the good news, to ourselves. Oh, we wouldn’t say that. Not at all. We say that our church is for everyone. And that’s where we went wrong in the first place. It was never “our” church. It’s God’s church and God intends for His church to be everywhere, life spreading out through multiplication. And you know what? That’s fun!

Will we get to see all of the people that come to Jesus because we sent people from the local church that we are part of into the world? No we will not, well not on this earth anyway. Just like your great-great-great-great-great grandparents didn’t get to see you but yet you are part of the family because of them.

So smile and say cheese for the family photo that will never have everyone in it here on earth. Multiply biblical disciples and experience the joy of growing as God intended you as a person to grow by not just growing up but by going out.