The Twenty:Twenty Initiative asks you to pray for our Church Planters. They need it, now and always. Though we often think in terms of resources, skills, plans, and training, church planting doesn’t run on those. Church planting runs on prayers – yours, mine, and theirs.

Here are some key areas that guide the prayers of church planters and you are invited to join with them in praying for these areas as well.

  1. Pray we will keep our eyes on God and not take a step apart from God’s leading.
  2. Pray for courage and boldness to go where the Lord leads.
  3. Pray for humility before the Lord and people, prioritizing the raising up of other leaders.
  4. Pray we will not rely on our own strength, but trust in the Lord’s strength.
  5. Pray for love in leading God’s people.
  6. Pray for the health of our spouses, marriages, and families.

Check out the list of Churches on this website and pray through it, one a day or more as you are led. May God bless you as you pray, along with blessing our church planters and their families.

(The Underdog Church Planter book lists these and other areas needed for prayer.)